You know that saying, “Time Flies”?  Well,  it really does.  It’s hard for me to believe that its been an entire year since I have visited my beloved Cranbrook for Sam Steele Days.  And this is my 49th year! And I got a new look.  I guess the people of Cranbrook decided I needed a makeover and this is the look they voted for.  I like it.  Just as handsome as ever. I just rolled into town yesterday on my trusty horse, Velvet. Though, I am going to put her in a stable this year.  I think its high time I learn how to drive. It would be nice to drive one of those shiny convertibles in the Sam Steele Days parade. I’m really looking forward to spending time with friends, take in the sights and as always celebrate Sam Steele Days.  I am going to be extremely busy over the next few weeks, but if you are interested in seeing what I am up to you can follow my travels on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m just learning about these blasted computers and all this Social Media jibjab so bare with me.