Bay Leaf — Indian Fusion Restaurant

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Something new and exciting has arrived on the East Kootenay dining scene– the Bay Leaf restaurant, located in the Days Inn hotel. The chef and owner, Dilip Chand is now offering a new dining experience to the population of Cranbrook and beyond.

Dilip Chand brings his international culinary experience to the heart of Cranbrook. A native of Nepal, Dilip earned his chef’s credentials in India, then worked in the employ of the Sheik of Bahrain. Attracted to Canada, Dilip held chef positions in Ottawa, then in Kelowna. Later, he opened his first restaurant in Fernie, after working at a local hotel restaurant. Recently, Dilip expanded his skill-set by working as a chef on board a couple of ‘superyachts,’ where he prepared meals for the crews as well as for the billionaire owners.