Taco Time

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Keeping it Real. Since 1978.

At TacoTime Canada, we believe in doing things a certain way. The TacoTime way. Some call it

stubborn. We call it real.

We opened our first store in 1978 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Since then, we’ve grown to 125 locations,

coast-to-coast but our values are still the same. We believe in making real food, using real

ingredients, at a price that offers real value.

We’re proud to serve bold, authentically TacoTime dishes made fresh in-store daily using Canadiansourced

ingredients. That’s what goes into all your TacoTime favourites, from our Classic Burritos to

our original fresh Hot Sauces, and our legendary Mexi-Fries®.

At TacoTime Canada, we’ve been keeping it real for over 40 years. That’s what kept our loyal

customers (like you!) coming back time and time again.

That’s why we’ll keep doing things our own way. The TacoTime way.

At TacoTime Canada, we’re all about:

Real Food

Real Value

Real Flavor.