Sam’s Cash Stache: The Virtual Hunt Starts Here

Over $5500 in Gift Certificates up for Grabs!

It’s time for a virtual mustache hunt! And not just any mustache – Sam’s Stache! Local businesses have teamed up to bring you a fun and safe way to celebrate Sam Steele Days while supporting our local restaurants. Find Sam’s signature mustache hidden in local websites and Facebook pages and enter to win and find them all to increase your odds of winning. Get the kids involved and see who really is the techiest in your home!

How to Win

  1. Clues about where Sam’s Cash Stache are hidden can be found here and are available for the duration of the contest, June 14 to June 20.
  2. Read each clue, then go to where each clue leads you: A website or Facebook page of a local business – and look for Sam’s Cash Stache.
  3. When you find Sam’s Cash Stache, click on it, then enter for a chance to win.
  4. Found a code without a link? Enter it here.
When a clue leads you to this image, you can click to win!

The More You Find, the Better Your Chances of Winning!

  • Each hidden Cash Stache you find has a unique code, and is only counted ONCE as an entry to win.
  • However, you can enter each and every unique Cash Stache you find to increase your chances of winning a prize!
  • Contest rules apply to all entries.