Thanks for participating in the Sam Cash Stach, this year’s Sam Steele Days virtual easter egg hunt! You have chosen to share you enter to win code on your Facebook page – but wait! The contest does not start until June 14th at 8am, so do not post your link for the world to see yet!

How the Contest Works

  1. As a sponsor, you paid $100 toward a gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice. This is the prize up for grabs.
  2. When you submitted your sponsorship, a special code (and link) was generated that people can enter to win your prize.
  3. The contest starts at midnight, June 14thand runs until midnight on June 20th. Any person who enters your code on the “Enter to Win” page, will be entered to win your prize.
  4. You need to make sure that your post shows up on your Facebook page on the 14th so people can find your link and enter to win!
NOTE: The Sam Steele Society will take care of administering and purchasing and awarding the gift certificate to the winner.

How to Schedule your Facebook Post

Facebook has a feature that will allow you to create your post and add in your link today, but not actually publish your post until a date and time you specify – this is called a scheduled post. Follow the steps below to obtain your link, write and schedule your Facebook post:
  • Navigate to the “Publishing Tools” for your Facebook page. To do this, go to your Facebook page URL and append the word “publishing_tools” to the end of your URL. For example, if your facebook page URL is “myfacebookpage”, you would enter:
  • Click the “Create a Post” button.
  • Write your post (whatever you want to say about the enter to win). (See examples)
  • Obtain your link (below) and make sure you copy and paste it exactly. If you enter it incorrectly, people will not be able to enter the contest! Do not add any other links to this post!
  • Click the drop down arrow next to the publish button, then click schedule post.
  • Make sure that you choose June 14th, after 8am as the date you want the post to appear, then click save.
  • Click Schedule Post. That’s it!
  • For more details on scheduling and managing posts, see Facebook’s help article here: