Thanks for participating in the Sam’s Cash Stache! You have chosen to share you enter to win code on your website. This page outlines information that you, or your web designer will need to install your code. You can install your code at any time, but it will only become visible on June 14th and remain active until June 20th. On June 21st, Sam’s Stache will disappear from your site but you will still want to remove the code.

How the Contest Works

  1. As a sponsor, you paid $100 toward a gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice. This is the prize up for grabs.
  2. When you submitted your sponsorship, a special code was generated that once installed on your website, people can click and enter to win your prize.
  3. The contest starts at 8am, June 14thand runs until midnight on June 20th.
NOTE: The Sam Steele Society will take care of purchasing and awarding the gift certificate to the winner.

How to Hide Sam’s Cash for Stache Code in Your Website

IMPORTANT: When you submitted your sponsorship you created a clue as to what page you will be hiding Sam’s Stache on your website. To keep it easy for searchers please ensure the script gets installed on the page that your clue refers to.

OPTION 1: Web Developer

If you have a web designer, you can forward the confirmation email you received that will open this page so they can install the script for you.

OPTION 2: Install Yourself

If you feel you can manage installing the script yourself, copy the code under the heading “Your Website Code” and paste it into your site in HTML mode. Every web editor is different so detailed instructions cannot be provided here, however, most web platforms have a help/support center that can assist you with this.